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Sweet & Sour

02 July 2021

They say if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go together. Well, we want to go far, fast and together. So we have a thing for all those who didn’t migrate their tokens.

What is it?

Any address that participated in the LP program, had a pending bonus but didn’t migrate; as well as any address that had any amount of HOLY on the balance before April 30, 2021 can now claim a special limited Sweet & Sour NFT.

What does it do?

This NFT allows it’s owner to get exclusive early access to the Nibble Shop.

What is a Nibble Shop?

Nibble Shop is the only place of Mover’s tokenized merchandise. It is where we release our limited items and debit card design collabs with artists.

What is so special about Sweet & Sour?

Sweet & Sour owners will be able to access Nibble Shop first before anyone else can. Wait, so you are saying that limited card designs, limited redeemable merchandise — all of that can be available if I have this NFT? Yep, that’s exactly what we are saying. By the way, Sweet & Sour is transferrable, so only you can decide what to do with this NFT 😼.

How can I claim it?

If you fall under any of the two conditions: participated in the LP program, had a pending bonus, but never migrated, or if you have any amount of HOLY until April 30, 2021 — you can claim Sweet & Sour NFT starting from today here:

What about the Powercard?

Your Powercard will provide an additional double (2x) Smart Treasury boost for 30 days, and then it cools down for 60 days. After the cooldown period it activates it’s superpower again for the next 30 days, and so on. Every ultimate spell needs a recharge 😉.